Sunday, June 19, 2011

Search Bloc- Cleveland Confidential: The Final Report

Search Bloc is Cleveland's current take on some of their older stuff like Face Value and OLC. A five piece, straight forword band playing reactionary straight edge hardcore recently signed to Seventh Dagger Records. One of my favorite things about this band are the lyrics, not many bands would have the balls to blatantly say things like "Stop Doing Drugs You Fucking Losers" plain and out in their lyrics or song titles. You also don't often find a band that even makes you want to mosh durring the fast parts. These guys catch a lot of flack but I don't give a fuck. And just incase you need another reason to check them out... Their guitarist's older brothers were in Integrity. Fuck with that. Download the Cleveland Confidential demo and look out for their new record on Seventh Dagger!

Facebook: Facebook.Com/SearchBloc
Cleveland Confidential: The Final Report:

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